Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

i love this look but i think i look better in dark jeans.
gorgeous! i see a pattern with this color! i love coral! :)

                                             absolutely love this outfit !
way cute! love the bright yellow triangle necklace and orange clutch with the more neutral colors

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My collections of thoughts...and again, 811 begins!

Keeping an update on my 811 journey!
It's summer which means it is the high point for me to return to my high-vibe, high carb lifestyle of amazing seasonal fruits & vegetables! No more cooked, spiced up, salty vegan food!
For those that don't know what 811 is, It stands for The 80/10/10 Diet put together by Dr. Doug Graham. 80/10/10 is 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fat. Meaning, you get your calories from fruit and lots of it! Right  now, I'm about 90/5/5.
Why do I chose to eat like this? I've never experience such beauty with any other lifestyle.  I have crazy amounts of energy, I have better workouts, my muscle is leaner, i sleep better, my complexion is amazing. It's good for the planet and I believe a diet high is fruit is what we are designed for. There are so many ailments your body can heal by giving yourself the gift of this lifestyle.

Check out the poster-child for 811 & athlete Freelea who has been thriving on this diet for over 3 years:

Check out 30bananasaday for more information about a low-fat raw vegan diet

So with that being said, I returned to 811 friday by waterfasting- started to feel better from stopping drinking alcohol all together. Feeling heavy in stomach and buttock area, migraine from drinking wine, dry skin.

Day 1-  35 bananas & 2 ataulfo mangoes- Did 12 min bodyrock workout. ate 15 in the morning and went a worked with Patti for 4 hrs. Felt tired and sad about not talking to Hunter. Felt very anxious. Ate 15 more bananas. Came home and took a nap. Took G for a mile walk. Called Hunter. Ate 5 bananas with Tyrell in banana eating contest. Talked to the boys on skype. Felt wonderful and happy & got awesome sleep!

this pretty much sums up how I feel on 35 bananas :)

Day 2- Felt sore. Did another Bodyrock workout. Body smells better. Mouth feels cleaner.
I am Very very happy! Went shopping and got fruit with BJ and just felt like I was glowing.

Talked to Jes and she's back on 811 and she was so ecstatic to get back to fruit. I didn't have much money and Bj gave me money for groceries $100 total :) I am a very lucky girl! I bought 8 cantaloupes, 40 lbs of bananas, 4lbs of tomatoes, 2lb strawberries, 3 heads of romaine, 2lb of grapes & an array of pears and apple-pears.
I ate 2 salads with strawberries & tomatoes.
Took G for a walk and a cute guy running in the rain smiled at me. Clearly wanting me to initiate conversation w/ him. I think this diet makes you just radiate & people see it because that never happens. Hannah said it's the time of year and she's had it happen to her too...maybe so.

Watched Under The Tuscan Sun. It reminded a lot of 'Eat Pray Love'. I think I find a lot of similarities with my life and the book 'Eat Pray Love'. I seem to have met men who are a lot like the characters  in the movie.  The  wisdom out of 'Under The Tuscan' Sun really stood out to me...
the glamorous Katherine says:
"Never lose your childish innocence. It's the most important thing."
It's true. I wish I could be more like my childish self & I realize the more I grow, being like my younger self is what I strive for in my personality. 
I want to be happy, vibrant, out-going, giving, find these qualities in happy children. Whenever I am stressed, feeling down about myself, all I have to do is remember my inner child...To have an inner skip for excitement for what awaits wherever I go regardless if it's work or play---wherever you go, bring your own sunshine. 
I can feel this way by having a playful state of mind :)

"Listen, when I was a little girl I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs. Finally, I'd just give up and fall asleep in the grass. When I woke up, they were crawling all over me."
Sometimes you just have to sit back and see what happens. If there was anytime to learn this lesson for myself, It's now. My life has been in complete limbo and has been for 2 months.
No job, no feeling of stability,  but  idea after idea of where to go and what to do but not feeling like I had any ideas or anything to do.

I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know, Everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold..."

For the last couple months, I have been an emotional wreck. The reason being, I didn't whole heartedly trust the magic of my life; Afraid I'd miss something, Afraid I'd mistake my intuition for a horrible idea. When all I needed to trust was the now. Que Sera! Whatever will be will be! 
If you do what you can and let it go, you'll be less stressed about the outcome & be quite pleasantly surprised of what & when something may appear in your life... I am still convincing my consciousness and unconsciousness of this :)

"If you smash into something good, you should hold on until it's time to let go."

This is what Marcello, Francis' love interest says to her when she asks him on the beach if he had anything better to do than take her to find a replacement chandelier for her home. This applies to my love life with Hunter. I'm not sure if our relationship had an expiration date on the back or if it's somewhere in the near future, but I know it's something good and we're both not ready to let go.

Had somewhat of a panic attack later that evening. Very strange even. Went to type in an artist on youtube and I got the strangest feeling to stop typing and eat. I even typed eat in the youtube search bar and I couldn't continue. It was almost like something took over my body. Very strange and then I had a panic attack.
Talked to Hunter about going to Hawai'i and looked at plane tickets. I see Hawai'i everywhere now. I know it's a sign. I think it's also ironic that when I had all those Aphrodite & Hawai'i signs I got the Hunter sign as well. Maybe I was suppose to go with him. I know I am suppose to go this year. I want to manifest the funds for it so I feel financially set when I come back from Hawai'i and while I am there. I have a bit of stress about paying rent & the attorney taking over my account when my refund comes in. I hope it comes in soon!
I was suppose to go to a drive-in movie with Joseph, Aulona & Vika but I didn't feel like going after I had the panic attack. So I went to bed around 12...I think. I feel like I would feel better if I went to bed earlier than that. I don't want to tell anyone I am dating Hunter rt now except my mom and Jessica.

Day 3
Chris Carter said we could camp on his farm :) How great would that be :)
                                                        Above is a video of Chris giving a tour of his farm

I woke up at 6 the morning!! Yay! My energy is returning! Very exciting for me after feeling so exhausted for months! Woke up and cleaned the apartment. Hannah and Mike were having issues last night so there was a lot of aftermath. I felt so sore but good. I did the bodyrock ab workout & some stretching/meditation. I notice I am leaning out already! My stomach is flatter, My butt is getting tighter, my arms & legs more toned :) My face is thinner and my eyes feel and seem clearer. I just am feeling so much better! Ate 2 apple-pears. I definitely underate today.
Will B. came over and I gave him a massage. I was a little nervous b/c I feel like I haven't been doing a whole lot of massages and it's hard to start that first one plus he's a student and very knowledgable about the body. It went fine! He tipped ,me $15 so total he gave me $40 :)
I'm going to try to give as many massages as I can this week :)
I then felt very hungry and ate 2 strawberry-tomato-romaine salad.

Took G, my 3 year old pug who by the way is having crazy allergies this time of year, for a 1-mile walk. I felt very happy and felt like I looked happy and well.
A man smiled at me and said "nice dog", A woman in a wheel chair stopped me to ask about G and so did a mother and her kids. I usually never get stopped about anything :)
My roommate Hannah is going to be keeping G when I move to Florida. It's sad to think I'll be parting with him but I know Hannah loves him.

Later, I came back and gave Greg a 1-hr massage as a birthday present.
Did a quick bodyrock workout and the first part of insanity for cardio and now I am about to drink a liter of water. Water! Water! Water!
I'm following Mariza's workout schedule from Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. I'm going to be more specific about my workouts tomorrow.

The more I get into these workouts the more I value my profession and want to learn as much kinesiology as I can so I know the right workouts for each muscle and what I can do for my clients. Massage school was a wonderful decision and I am so proud of myself for finishing it & happy I met everyone
that I did :)
                        Video of my graduation  earlier this year. My Ohana. (above)

I love this video of a Thai Massage place in Paris France. It inspires me to take Thai continuing education in Florida. This is the place I am thinking about  SacredBodyWork
 in Miami. They also haver certification in Hawaii and Thailand! Either way, it would be wonderful!

My worries today: rent, past debt, telling others i'm back with Hunter, G, worrying about worrying....all these sound pretty silly now to be honest. I think if I write down the worst case scenario it would probably make me feel better and not as anxious.

About to go see Bridesmaids with Jessica the bride-to-be in a bit :)

Goals for tomorrow: 
2 Liters of water in the morning
1 liter in the afternoon
20-30 min of yoga/meditation
fitness: butt and legs:
Morning fitness:
3 rounds of 50 low jacks
Pin-up Legs workout
Buns Hurt Workout:
Zuzana is definitely an inspiration for me but here are my others:

             Karen Pang                    and                Mariya Moya
Afternoon/evening fitness:
Insanity cardio
 food: 35 bananas before 6 pm
Overall goal to finish eating by 6 pm this week...5pm next week
Sleep: 10 hours of sleep, Go to bed at 11 PM
Work at Patti's for extra cash
Read first chapter of Fundamentals for Massage & go over Trailguide.  Research exercises for deltoids, biceps, triceps & rectus abdominis.
Research trip to Hawai'i & tell mom and grandmother my plans

Day 4
Woke up today  at 8 am feeling incredibly sore but still good. Sleep was alright. I feel like 11 PM just isn't early enough. I should go to sleep even before I feel exhausted. I feel better in my body & I am noticing the results! It's fun to wake up and see the differences :) I realized when I woke up, I haven't drank enough water or eaten enough calories. There's a big difference in sleep & just sensations with sufficient amounts of water and calories.

I'm  going to drink 1 liter of water and then start my workout! I love my workouts with Zuzana :)
She's so beautiful and I love her accent. My roommate Hannah heard one of her workout videos and her heavy breathing and told me it sounded like I was watching porn. Ha.
I introduced Monica to her a while back and she fell in love with her workouts too. I never thought I would get into them like this but they are addicting especially on a LFRV diet.
Today I also read my old blog(click here) about my transitioning to a fruitarian diet. So many things have changed! I know more about food combining. Back then I was eating cantaloupe, kiwi, banana smoothies...yuck! Oh well, I'm glad I blogged about it.
 I have a little bit of anxiety about going on this Hawai'i trip with Hunter and telling my grandparents I will be coming later rather than sooner. I hope they take it well. I really want to move to FL  but going to Hawai'i has been my dream for so long and it's calling me.
I keep seeing ads for Hawai'i on youtube & people keep talking about how they went to Hawai'i this year or plan on going. My friend Anthony is going in July. My friend J got a free ticket to go to Hawai'i for his cousins wedding. Ironically enough, Hannah just came home and bought some Hawaii Glad scent for the apartment.
I really hope all works out where I can do both and mom doesn't get pissed or the grandparents. I'm starting to feel anxious about my debt again b/c the attorney just called again, I think. *Deep breath* :
things have been going so well that she's taking an anxiety break to keep centered:)
I love this song when I'm feeling anxious. This and other sedative music.

Ok, well, going to down this water and report back later on in the day :)

So, I just finished my workout and cooled down with some stretching & meditation. Now I'm sipping on my banana-romaine smoothie I made out of 3 leaves & 12 unripe bananas.
Oh, unripe fruit.
I was thinking a lot during my workout. So much that I think it got in the way of following through with all of the reps.
I think it is key to eat something before working out. Like a banana.
So, I did both videos, but, I wasn't able to do the one-leg squats in the "Pin-up legs" video without falling on my butt.
I'm noticing a huge difference in my abs
I think if I want to take these Zuzana workouts seriously, I need to invest in an interval timer.
I'm not keeping track of the time, just my reps.
I drank about 1 liter and 1/2 of water so far. I'm really craving tomatoes rt now.

While I was meditating I kept thinking about responsibility and how that will be my word of month until I get down to Florida
 I want to keep my playfulness but  be responsible and less stressed about my financial situation. If I have something I want to accomplish, I need to be specific about what that is, and make small steps to get there. The workout I do today is just as important as the one I do tomorrow. I am making today count b/c that's what I am experiencing. Everything is hard until you change your point of view. 

My new goals for today:
* Contact my attorney and ask him about interest and how much I owe & for a print-out of each transactions & pay a minimum of $50. CHECK!
* Do 45 minutes to an hour of cardio later this afternoon
* Update this blog with fun pictures, inspirations, color & pizazz CHECK!
* Read 1st chapter of Fundamentals & Joy Diet
*Relax Check Check CHECK!
* Hang out with old friends :)

This is a run-on blog entry if I've ever seen one. I leave you with 'When Love Takes Over',  because it's a raise-your-vibration kind of song &  because at the end of the day, after all the worries, pain & aches, the happiness, the excitement  or whatever you are experiencing you have to learn to love the life you've been given: